U-Bangi-Slider XY



The worldwide used U-Bangi-Slider system has been extended. You can now combine 2 sliders to make movements in both the X-axis and the Y-axis.
This makes it even more flexible. Your slider is no longer limited to one direction. From now on, all directions are yours!

The possibilities of the U-Bangi-Slider XY are almost infinite. In addition to the  previously possible linear movements , the upper slider can make linear movements – due to the 360° rotary adapter also in a completely different direction !


How to set up the XY Slider.

The U-Bangi-Slider tracks can be combined as following graphics show:

U-Bangi Track 48 cm / 1.6 ft and 64 cm / 2.1 ft

(300470 and 228107)

U-Bangi Track 64 cm / 2.1 ft and 88 cm / 2.9 ft

(228107 and 228108)

U-Bangi Track 88 cm / 2.9 ft and 136 cm / 4.5 ft

(228108 and 228110)



Expands your horizon

In addition to complex movement, traditional slider moves are now even easier.
With both sliders in line you can quickly adjust to any size set and still have as much travel as you need.


Designed according to our philosophy

Contact us if you want to upgrade

Every U-Bangi-Slider can be upgraded to a XY-Slider.
If you are interested, please contact us.
We look forward to your inquiry!