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Your wireless network for lens data storage, lens information, updates and distance read-out.

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cworld is a compact and lightweight unit which creates a wireless network between professional equipment (camera / accessories) and existing smart devices. Using popular smart phones / tablets and cmotion's user friendly web-based interface, an operator can update firmware on all their cvolution components, change system settings and create, edit, display and share precise data for individual lenses.

The smart  range finder application  provides a wireless distance read out when cworld is connected directly to measurement tools including cmotion's cfinder, ARRI's UDM and Cinetape. cworld also cleverly allows multiple devices to be connected simultaneously, providing crew with independent access to live lens / distance data and numerous user guides from anywhere on set at any time.

all in one place

The cworld offers several aplications, which can be entered through the main menu. System settings, range finder display and settings, lens data handling, live lens data display, software updates and access to all user guides on the road.

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don`t miss anything

cworld enables a beautiful and strcutured live lens read-out, including setting function and even motor control through the touch screen. Within the live lens information, you will also have the function of a distance read-out overlay and depth of field indication.

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control your lens database

create lens data quickly, through an intuitive workflow and store up to 1.000 lenses on your cworld. search them by name, serial number or tags, handle specific lens databases for your current projects, to have quick access to your most used lenses.

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updates and user manuals

quickly update all your cvolution devices and have all user manuals stored on the cworld.

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distance read-out

connect any common range finder to your cvolution system and get a clear and big range finder read out to your phone. quickly change offset or sensitivity on the flight.

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personalized marker rings

Often work with the same lens? Order your engraved markering, based on the created lens data. An animated preview guarantees, that the marker ring will fit exactly your needs.

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let`s get started

these short instruction videos show you how to use your cworld