Wave Rider by Betz-Tools

3 axis adjustable camera mounting dovetail plate “WaveRider“  especially designed for quick and easy adjustment of a camera's center of gravity on the Wave1 or Gimbals

  • Dovetail plate size for Quicklok™, Steadicam®, PRO, RIG, MK-V

  • Wide range of height adjustment via exchangeable rods.

  • Side by side adjustment.

  • For use on gimbals like Freefly Movi, DJI, Maxima or Newton.

  • Sturdy and vibrationfree

Solid lightweight Aircraft aluminium
with laser engraved adjusting marks.

For/Aft, Side by Side and height adjustment f or quick and easy camera balance and center of gravity adjustment.
Vibration free and sturdy.




SIZE:                                          7" X 3.2" X 1.8"

WEIGHT:                                   1 LB

SYSTEM HEIGHT:                     MIN: 1.8" | MAX LONG RODS: 3.2" / SHORT RODS: 2.4"