Twister Dolly


The Twister Doorway Dolly offers you new possibilities concerning mobility and flexibility.




It is characterized by the new  foldable  push bar, which ensures more space and comfort for the cameraman and his assistant. The Twister Dolly is also available with wide  go-kart wheels  now!


The central performance features are the combination between studio wheels and track wheels. They immediately allow the possibility to drive on tracks (gauge 62cm) or with studio wheels, without the time consuming wheel change. With the low total width of the dolly (78cm) moves through door widths should not pose any problem.



With the three choosable steering modes (front, rear and round-a-round) the Twister dolly can maneuver itself comfortably and it can be filmed exactly around an object

According to your needs the front or the rear wheels will steer seperately from each other or can be combined with each other. Also tightest curves are no problem because of an inner radius of 42cm. 

Both axles possess an excellent steering geometry for precise movements without screeching and remains quite silent.



The geometry on the steering axles provides accurate movements with low dynamic friction and creates minimal operating noise. Additional ease of use is supplied by the newly developed rod that combines the well known drawbar with a rugged push bar. Six different positions for assembly of the push bar give additional support e.g. to the Steadycam operator. The steering rod is in every angle from 0-90° adjustable.


For the first time, the body of a platform dolly can be enlarged, not only by its length and width but also height. Level platforms are mounted above the wheels to offer an enlarged workspace that can be used for storage or as a convenient footrest for the cameraman while shooting.


Milled from the solid the platform of the TWISTER Dolly is a stable and versatile basis for a series of shots; both low shots and crane shots with a Jibarm (for example the  Vario Jib).
Clearing doors is also simply done with the overall platform width of 78 cm (2’7’’). In this case the wheels are in support of a slender platform inwards.


The cameraman as well as the assistant can stand, sit or even knee on the TWISTER’s solid, differently expandable platform.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


Now:  Twister Leveling spindles  for more safety! Fast and easy handling!ADVANTAGE: usable with  and  without platform!