broadcast solutions

for multi camera live events

Since 2014 cmotion is driven to offer plug-and play solutions for the broadcasting industry for filming equipment.

Bridging the gap

cine equipment for the broadcast workflow

cmotion works closely with camera and broadcast system manufacturers, system integrators, production companies and independent operators to develop and improve simple and sleek solutions, that do not impose any significant changes to an existing broadcast workflow.

Depending on control requirements and workflow, cmotion's ENG-adapter and broadcast camin offer standalone solutions but can also be used in combination with other components from the cmotion range.


In 2012, cmotion introduced the ENG-adapter. This compact unit provides an interface between broadcast focus and zoom controllers and existing cmotion lens control systems. Implementing protocol from fiber systems such as Telecast, NIPROS and CAMLINX allowes cmotion controllers to be used across such distances.

With some recent custom twin 8pin Hirose connector modifications and the introduction of the cforce diasy-chain motor, cmotion's ENG-adapters still offer the industry's most compact cine lens broadcast solutions.

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broadcast camin

The broadcast camin is a new intelligent interface designed to control focus, iris and zoom on any cine style lens in any broadcast workflow. The analog connector is compatible with both  Canon and Fujinon broadcast controllers , while the 3 regular motor ports allow the use of digital motors from ARRI and Hedén. 
cmotion’s popular daisy-chain cforce motors can also be used independently or synchronized for a full 6 motor broadcast solution – all automatically calibrated at the touch of a button. The potentiometer provides iris adjustment, however most common remote control panels such as Sony RCP and DTS, plus some broadcast cameras, can gain full iris control through the 16pin EXT – Hirose 12pin interface.
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