Vario Jib S



Telescopic on both sides

The Vario Jib S (300744) is a versatile camera Jib Arm and the small version of the worldwide used Panther Vario Jib.

Telescopic arms on both sides make the Vario Jib S a universal piece of equipment for many shots.

Despite its compact design and a weight of only 17 kg / 37.5 lbs the Vario Jib S supports up to 50 kg / 110 lbs.


One Jib that can do everything

Lightweight and smart design

A modular design with lightweight construction facilitate quick set up and adjustment on set.
A pan and tilt brake with integrated friction comes with the Vario Jib S.

To find the right balance the Vario Jib S is fitted with an additional sliding fine adjustment counterweight (140688).

Pan and Tilt brake with integrated friction

for smooth operation

Tool-Free adjustment

for quick changes

Fine Adjustment Counterweight

(140688) to quickly find the right balance


Many options

Adapted to all requirements

Use offset rig for ergonomic camera operation.

The Multi-Rig allows the adjustment of the Euromount in all possible angles.

The Vario Jib S can be combined with additional Panther accessories.


For even more length

The variable length of the Vario Jib S adapts to many applications on set.
With lenghts from 46 cm / 18" up to 112 cm / 44" (with extention)
The small version of the Vario Jib is a full-fledged and versatile tool on set!

Extension 50 cm / 1.6 ft.




Protect your Vario Jib S

A specially designed and fitted hard case keeps the Vario Jib S protected for transport.

Vario Jib S



46cm – 62cm | 18” – 24.5” (8 cm steps)
MAX. LENGTH (with extension)

up to 113cm | 44”

40cm | 15,5”
LENGTH WEIGHT BAR (with extension)

74cm | 29”

50kg | 110lbs

17kg | 37.5lbs