Odoo CMS - a big picture

Buddy with Classic Body

The Buddy Plus dolly is a versatile Film and Video dolly. Compact measurements, extreme stability and variability will convince even demanding professionals.

The body is the same that we have on our Classic Plus dolly. Therefore we have maximum compatibility to existing accessories, such as platforms, carrying bars, etc.

Ergonomic Design

All control elements are colored to be easily recognized and easy to handle. The bolts can be fixed in "open“ position and can be adapted to the tracks perfectly – especially in curves.

The ergonomic design facilitates intuitive working. Switch-over is completely done without tools. So the Classic Plus can be operated in narrow gauge (36 cm) or in wide gauge (62 cm) by using the locking pin.


Precisely manufactured for optimal smoothness

Odoo CMS - a big picture
With our dolly H-Wheels it is so easy to move the dolly on tracks without lifting.
Special rubbers used for studio and track wheels ensure smooth driving and low running resistance.
All single wheels and even the complete combi wheel can be changed quickly and easily due to dove tail connections.

You can choose between different pneumatic and studio wheels:

H-Pneumatic wheel with brake disc 
Payload: 200 kg / 450 lbs 

H-Studio wheel (soft) with brake disc 
Payload: 350 kg / 780 lbs 

H-Studio wheel (hard) with brake disc 
Payload: 600 kg / 1330 lbs 

Wheel stand

A separately sold wheel stand (175520) with an integrated wheel changing tool (100453) facilitates your work on set and the transport enormously.

So you can quickly switch between pneumatic and studio wheels, and the wheels which are not used at the moment are safely stowed on the wheel stand.


Patented and loved worldwide.

Crab is included as a standard. The Steer mode can be ordered as an option.
The biggest points of difference of our patented Crab & Steer mechanism are perfect, mathematically calculated elliptical steering sprockets. With them the wheels are in a steering geometry (see picture below).

Buddy Plus
without Crab & Steer mechanism




Buddy Plus
with Crab & Steer mechanism


4 wheel steering


2 wheel steering

100% Curve

This steering geometry ensures perfect and smooth circular curves without drift, noise, high rolling resistance or even blocking wheels. Other dollys are not able to move in tight curves, because the wheels’ position is parallel and so it blocks!

Changing Steering mode is easily done by shifting the blue “Crab + Steer” lever.


Many options, creatively combined. Maximum comfort for the cameraman.

Lightweight and stable

The lightweight, but very stable platform system from Panther has been proven many years on set. The grips and cameramen are loving the versatility of the platforms, because on every side of the dolly you can mount different platforms.

Also combinations are possible. On request every platform can be personalized with various threads and bores.

Compact Platform
Dim. L x W: 70 x 18 cm / 2,4” x 7”

Round Platform
Dim. L x W: 70 x 30 cm / 2,4” x 1′

Ground Platform
Dim. L x W: 62 x 50 cm / 2′ x 1,8”

Unique locking

Due to a unique and easy locking system the platforms are mounted very fast.

One big advantage: the carrying handles of the dolly are free and are not necessary for mounting platforms.

Ground platform

The ground platform expands the base of the dolly enormous. It’s perfect for use with jib arms because the cameraman can comfortable use the Dolly and simultaneously operate the jib arm. A height adjustment of the ground platform is implemented quickly. That provides maximum flexibility.

Despite its’ lightweight own weight the ground platform has a payload of up to 120kg!

Versatile Combination Possible

Height Adjustable


Versatile Usage
(bracket, tubes and support are sold separately)


Buddy body for P1

Buddy with P1 Column

To get the most out of your Buddy Plus dolly you can combine it with our P1 column - a cost-effective electro-mechanical lifting column with a max. payload of 45 kg / 100 lbs.


As compact as you need it


Compact transport is given through the many options of wheel arm positions. Every wheel arm can be adjusted separately to offer maximum flexibility for all transport situations.



LENGTH 84cm (33”)
WIDTH min. 53,5cm (21”)
max. 82,5cm (32.5”)
HEIGHT 40cm (16”)
TRACK WIDTH narrow: 36cm (14”)
wide: 62cm (24.5”)
WHEEL BASE narrow: 75cm (29.5”)
wide: 62cm (24.5”)
TURNING CIRCLE 197 cm (6.5′)
TRANSPORT WEIGHT 59 kg (130 lbs)
PAYLOAD 900 kg (2000 lbs)