Aurora Remote Head


A Pan and Tilt Camera Control Solution Built To Withstand The Arctic.             It's Perfect For Your Production Demands


The Aurora sets new standards for ease of use, versatility and functionality.

The KFX Aurora Max Camera Remote Head is a run-of-show head delivering ease-of-use, versatility and consistent performance. It’s the system that’s always working to deliver maximum production value with minimal downtime. It’s also backed by KFX Technology’s high standard for personalized and prompt service.

The KFX Aurora Max is a whole new design offered by KFX Aurora series of remote heads. Taking lessons we learned from designing the Aurora Mini and listening to feedback from our many customers, KFX went back to the drawing board.

The Aurora Max uses a completely new gearbox design that has zero backlash, but is amazingly smooth and quiet.

We kept the simplicity of our under 5 minutes set up time and added full adjust-ability on pan and tilt as well as nodal adjustment.  The Aurora Max is capable of taking the largest camera package with the heaviest zoom lenses.


The Aurora Max comes with the completely new control console that works with all KFX Remote Heads.

It features adjustable tension for the hand-wheels and is third axis ready. It also drops directly onto our panbar system when alternative controls are needed.

  • Pan/Tilt Speed 120 deg/sec
  • Pan/Tilt speed and damping adjustable via rotary knobs on the control console
  • Pan and Tilt direction set via switches for direction and neutral
  • Hand wheel, pan bar or optional joystick/pan and tilt operation
  • Easily set limits and feathering for limits
  • Underslung full extension space for camera is 56cm or 22”
  • Underslung fully closed space for camera is 36cm or 14”
  • Weight is 17kg or 38lbs
  • Payload is 45kg or 99lbs
            Collage Max


Don’t believe us? Watch the time lapse video of the setup below!

Set up your Aurora Max camera remote head in 5 minutes with just one cable between the console and the head. Cable management is fluid, with large holes in the center of the motors to pass cables through, enabling full 360° moves without the threat of tangling or severing. Also, controls are simple to learn and use, minimizing time on set to get comfortable with operation. 

DSC_0173 (1)


The Aurora Max camera remote head delivers a true plug & play operation with no specialist technical knowledge required. User-changeable pan and tilt gearboxes minimize downtime and spare stock. In addition, when you need service, you’ll reach a human decision-maker that can set you up with a backup system in minutes.


Maximize hours of use per dollar cost with the Aurora Max camera remote head. Its flexibility and simplicity enable you to bring it out when it’s required – not just on the days you’ve planned for it. For rental companies, this provides an industry-leading return on investment.

Aurora Remote Head Compact Position


We’re proud to have worked with some of the biggest TV and movie studios in the world.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns



Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Game Of Thrones


Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Downton Abbey 

Just a small sample of the productions using the Aurora Remote Head.


The KFX Aurora camera remote head has been used on high profile projects by the very best camera operators and cinematographers in the business…

Andrew Rowlands

“We’ve just completed  Grudge Match and we carried the Aurora remote head on the camera truck for the whole show.

It’s compact and easy for us all to set up without technicians, especially with the one cable system. The Control Box is well designed and my favourite thing about it is that the wheels feel like a geared head  – very nicely weighted.

We were able to have it set up in minutes either on the dolly or a crane arm.

We put it through its paces with the Panavision Genesis and an 11-1 Primo zoom but mainly the 4-1 Primo zoom it performed as expected – flawlessly

…and that’s no BS either!

The Aurora is a Great remote head to use too, the controls are simple but most effective. It’s a great tool to have at our disposal every day, we will use it again and again.”


Julio Macat ASC

“I first tried out the Aurora remote head while filming Horrible Bosses 2.

We were looking for a low cost, effective way of keeping a remote head as part of our camera gear for the run of the show.

I immediately fell in love with this piece of equipment.

The Aurora is small, light weight, and very quick to set up.

Our second assistant Roger Wall got checked out and learned how to set it up in less than an hour. It plugs in so quickly and is super compact.

We mainly used this remote head on a Giraffe crane.  At times, we extended the arm to the height of 28 feet.  Even at this extension, with normal crane drops and dolly moves on track, the Aurora, still felt solid and did not bounce or shake in any noticeable way. This was in spite of supporting a fully loaded ALEXA with a long zoom.

This is the ideal head for someone like me, who is not very technically inclined and yet still wants to achieve the perfect shot without the constant need to change the settings. In this respect the Aurora excels over other remote heads.

We also used the Aurora repeatedly whenever safety was an issue and we did not want to put the operator in danger. It was interchangeable with the ARRI head.

I highly recommend this piece of equipment. It’s a gem.”