Odoo CMS - a big picture

Our RIG System is and will always be designed for all kinds of professional film and video cameras no matter of size and weight,
including power hungry HD and  3D cameras.
Redesigned to be at latest and highest standards.

  • Upgradable with Tiffen Steadicam® Volt™

  • Minimum power loss from batteries to camera

  • Designed for absolute dynamic and balanced work

  • Modularity to other Steadicam® systems

  • No-tools, quick set-up of the RIG HD

  • Absolute HD/3D compatible

Camera Mounting Platform (Stage)

Lightweight but strong and solid. Stands for vibrationless tracking shots. Self-locking “ QuickLok™ “ dovetail-clamping with safety mechanism. Fore/aft and side-to-side fine-adjustment on both sides. Standard 15 mm accessory rods.

Junction Box

D-Tab/Lemo/BNC connectors for power, tally ,HD-SDI (customized wiring available). USB power outlet for tablets (teleprompter) A built-in  red line laser allows easy adjustment for the RIG-post upper to lower base. The laser marking line on the floor is also very useful for the "Focus puller“.

Tilt Plate (Optional)

The tiltplate is designed to alter perspective by 20° either way while the post remains vertical when panning.

Fits also on PRO-GPI and MK-V system.



Frictionless self-centering gimbal  with integral handgrip and
no-tools adjustment.  Stainless-steel aircraft bearings.
Upgradable with Tiffen Steadicam® Volt™

Post dia 1.86" (50mm)

The 2x telescopic post can be quickly extended from 19“ (50 cm) to 33“ (85 cm). The 3x telescopic post can be quickly extended from 25“ (65 cm) to 53“ (135 cm).
Permits lens hights from floor to ceiling.
Specially designed in-post wiring for HD-SDI, power, and
other functions, customized wiring on request.
Safety post clamps. No-tools handling.

Monitor "Universal Bracket"

Any type of monitor fits with the Steadicam® system. Betz Tools Universal, Ted Churchill or Transvideo bracket allows quick positioning of monitor in any position and easy switch from high to low mode.


HD lower base with Motorized fine adjustment

 for dynamic balance or for quick change of camera tilt angle. 12V/24V power switch allows a wide range of applications between 1 up to 3 batteries. Various battery systems V-mount, PAG, Anton Bauer are optional. The base features power and HD-SDI video outlets are Lemo, D-Tab, USB connectors. 90° battery adapter allows to operate a wide range of front heavy 3D and HD cameras.

Steadicam Cables
We deliver all standard cables and also customized cables on request.