Precision Leveling Track

New ways of leveling 

Save time on set – with the new innovative Panther Precision Leveling Tracks with integrated leveling system.

Discover this amazing Track system by Panther, that has received multiple international Awards because of its benefits.




3 Step Leveling - compact transport - Stainless steel cover
Very Stable due to precise aluminum profile

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Perfect design meets maximum flexibility

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PLT (gauge: 62cm) - 0,9 m / 3 ft. (228080)
PLT (gauge: 62cm) - 1,6 m / 5 ft. (228081)
PLT (gauge: 62cm) - 2,3 m / 7,6 ft. (228082)

PLT (gauge: 100cm) - 0,9 m / 3 ft. (228084)
PLT (gauge: 100cm) - 1,6 m / 5 ft. (228085)
PLT (gauge: 100cm) - 2,3 m / 7,6 ft. (228086)


For maximum flexibility and creativity there are Precision Leveling Track Curves (228083) available. 

Due to its' 45° bend, you would need a total of 8 curves for a full circle. 

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For easy transportation the tracks can be folded.

Optional it is possible to mount the tracks with a fixed track gauge. 

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TelesCopic Tubes

Now it becomes interesting

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Various Telescopic Tubes offer you infinitely variable leveling possibilities from 0 cm up to 67 cm / 26,4". 

By simple pushing the button the inner tubes comes out of the Telescopic Tube. 

Even in difficult environments and situations like snow or water, the Telescopic Tubes perform extremely well and can be used without hesitation. 

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The Telescopic Tubes are mounted without any tools and can be adjusted stagelessly. Every Telescopic Tube has a payload of 850 kg / 1874 lbs. A track integrated adjustment mechanism makes the levelling very easy.

1: Insert the Telescopic Tube toolfree and turn around to lock it

2: Press the integrated leveling mechanism

3: Tube comes out - now level it to the required height


The following telescopic tubes are available:

Telescopic Tube 7cm / 2.8"

Telescopic Range:

0-4.5cm = 4.5cm /1.6"


Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Telescopic Tube 11.5cm / 4.5"

Telescopic Range:

4.5-13cm = 8.5cm /3.3"


Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Telescopic Tube 20cm / 7.9"

Telescopic Range:

13-29cm = 16cm /6.6"


Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Telescopic Tube 36cm / 14.2"

Telescopic Range:

29-60cm = 31cm /12.2"


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Other Features and Options

Wood Plates (228096) are available for unstable ground. Fits perfectly to the Telescopic Tubes

New innovative and lightweight stainless steel track protection offers a maximum of resistance and protects the track surface

For heights over 50 cm / 19,7" and crane usage we have Cross Beams (228092) available, which enable more stability – even at high loads