Classic Plus

Classic Plus Camera Dolly

The reason why we are better than others is simple. We do it because of passion.


The new Classic Plus camera dolly is the successor of the worldwide loved Classic Dolly. The operators love the Classic and with the new Classic Plus a new standard was set. The dolly is based on a rugged, almost  maintenance free  and  sturdy design . The central column configuration of the Classic PLUS Dolly provides its user with  easy operation  and unconstrained  versatility  already in his basic configuration.

All control elements are  colored  to be  easily  recognized and  easy to handle . The bolts can be fixed in „open“ position and can be  adapted to the tracks perfectly  – especially in curves.

The ergonomic design facilitates intuitive working. Switch-over is completely done  without tools. So the Classic Plus can be operated in  narrow gauge (36 cm) or in  wide gauge (62 cm) by using the locking pin.


Every person is different. Everyone has different needs and expectations.
To offer something for all Grips, each dolly can be configured individually – starting with the   handsets .


Function  has top priority on every development. A  modern design  completes the product and makes it  perfect .
Therefore, our handsets are loaded with many useful features, and due to the ergonomic design it feels great in your hand.


rocker for manual operating
set limits
store and replay movements
wireless operation X
colored display with user interface X
fine adjustment of the column speed in 12 steps X
included in dolly package X



Panthers precision and the wireless know-how from Cmotion lead to the development of the new wireless handset. It is an option/addition for the new Panther Classic Plus Dolly. An easy operation of the wireless handset is given by the integrated software. A clear user interface makes it easy to understand the wireless handset. The menu is simple to use and structured clearly.
The rocker for manual operation of the dolly is in the middle of the wireless handset. It allows smooth and controlled movements.
Easy replaceable batteries complete the design perfectly.


Designed by our engineers. Perfected by Grips


Included is the steering rod. To provide maximum flexibility, it can be inserted  in all 4 wheel arms . Further small steering rods (129832) can be ordered additionally.


To maneuver the dolly with more distance the  steer out extension  is the perfect solution, because it increases legroom. In addition to that the steer out extension prevents a rotating by central pushing.

Another big advantage in comparison to other manufacturers is, that the steer out extention is  removable . It can also be mounted on  all 4 sides  of the dolly. So you are able to remove it, when it is not used.

The dolly can be furthermore operated easily, because the handset has its’ place in the steering rod. 


The  foldable  and  laterally telescopic  push bar (301342) is perfect for a dolly operation on tracks.  Central pushing  and  pushing from side without rotating the dolly  (operation on ground) is possible. Particularly in track operation it is a big advantage because  the Grip can push the dolly beside the track  without “stumbling” over the tracks.

The foldable push bar can also be mounted on  all 4 sides of the dolly . It is mounted  tool free  via a bracket (113272).


                                                Invented, patented and loved worldwide.

Additionally to  “Crab” (4-wheel steering)  we invented another steering mode:  “Steer” (2-wheel steering) . The biggest point of difference of our  patented  Crab + Steer mechanism are perfect, mathematically calculated  elliptical steering sprockets . Other dolly manufacturers just can bring the wheels in a parallel position. With our elliptical steering sprockets the wheels are in a  steering geometry .

This steering geometry ensures perfect and smooth circular curves without drift, noise, high rolling resistance or even blocking wheels. Other dollys are not able to move the dollys in tight curves, because the wheels’ position is parallel and so it blocks!

Changing Steering mode is easily done by shifting the blue “Crab + Steer” lever.


We are not just producing. We invent.

By far the best turnstile: the  patented  High-Low turnstile. It owns a  huge range of functions  and is                                                                        loved by all our customers.

The turnstile can be    rotated by 360 degrees    and    interlocked playfree    through a gear tooth system. The    height of the seat can be regulated easily   , by pressing a button, to ensure maximum comfort for the cameraman.

Disturbing rotation sound is removed   due to a brass bushing (sound recording on set).  

The mounted 80 mm diameter tube can be rotated by 360 degrees. Change between High Shot and Low Shot is done very fast – without removing the camera!


A transport of many accessories is not necessary. The optional accessories, the tube extention with its tube connector, as well as the 80 mm diameter clamp ring, can be stored in a parking position on the dolly.  


With the High-Low turnstile you can  change fast  between the highest position (ca. 1,70 m / 5,6” – with tube extention  over 2 m / 6,6” ) and the  ground level position  –  without removing the camera or the fluid head .

The mounted bowl or mitchell can be  rotated by 360 degrees  in  16 different tilt positions  (every 22,5°). second seat , for example for the camera assistant, is implemented with a few simple steps.


It Just Keeps Getting Better!

75-150mm Bowl or Mitchell


2 Cameras For e. g. 3D Shots

2. Seat For e. g. Camera Assistant

Integrated Flat Clamp Screw For Fluid Heads


Integrated Allen Key


Single Button Seat Adjustment Setting 

Shots Near To The Ground Are Possible

additional accessory needed:
Lowshot plate  (107104)


Fast And Tool Free Change Between High Shot And Low Shot


360 Degrees Rotating Bowl or Mitchell

(locks every 22,5 degrees = 16 tilt positions)


Many options, creatively combined. Maximum comfort for the cameraman.


The  lightweight , but though very  stable platform system  from Panther has been proven many years on set.

The Grips and cameramen are loving the 
versatility  of the platforms, because on  every side of the dolly you can mount different platforms . Also  combinations  are possible.

On request every platform can be personalized with various 
threads and bores .

Compact Platform

part #105747 

Dim. L x W: 70 x 18 cm / 2,4” x 7”

Round Platform

part # 105743
Dim. L x W: 70 x 30 cm / 2,4” x 1”

Ground Platform

part # 113265
Dim. L x W: 62 x 50 cm /    2′ x 1,8”


Due to a  unique and  easy locking system the platforms are mounted  very fast.

A big advantage over conventional dollies: also in platform operation the  carrying handles of the dolly are free and are not necessary for mounting platforms.


The ground platform  expands the base of the dolly enormous . It’s perfect for use with jib arms because the cameraman can comfortable use the Dolly and simultaneously operate the jib arm. A  height adjustment  of the ground platform is implemented quickly. That provides  maximum flexibility .

Despite its’ lightweight own weight the ground platform has a  payload of up to 120kg!

versatile combination possible


height adjustable


versatile use

bracket, tubes and support are sold separately


For even more comfort, a height adjustable  ring platform (300434) is available. It was designed to provide the  maximum column drive  without restrictions. Ideal for the cameraman to make it easier to turn around the dolly with the High-Low turnstile.


Durable · Robust · Stable · Simple: The Panther Dolly battery with “Snap-On” mechanism

Our  long-lasting  dolly battery (107758) has proven itself many times on set by  stability, robust housing  and the popular  “snap-on mechanism” . An integrated button with  indicator  allows you to control always the battery's’ charging status.


The snap-on mechanism has been designed to  fix the batteries without any tools . The battery is “clipped” to the dolly with a quick handle and  does not have to be additionally tightened .


Precise manufactured for optimal smoothness.

With our dolly H-Wheels it is so easy to move the dolly on tracks  without lifting

Special rubbers    used for studio and track wheels ensure    smooth driving   and    low running resistance  . All single wheels and even the complete combi wheel can be changed quickly and easily due to dove tail connections.

You can choose between different pneumatic and studio wheels:

H-Pneumatic wheel with brake disc
Payload: 200 kg / 450 lbs


H-Studio wheel (soft) with brake disc
Payload: 350 kg / 780 lbs


H-Studio wheel (hard) with brake disc
Payload: 600 kg / 1330 lbs


A separately sold    wheel stand    (175520) with an    integrated wheel changing tool    (100453) facilitates your work on set and the transport enormously. So you can    quickly switch between pneumatic and studio wheels   , and the wheels which are not used at the moment are safely stowed on the wheel stand.  


By far the lightest of its kind.

Due to  lightweight building  the complete dolly can be carried without problem with the optional  carrying bars  (300430).  Transport weight of the dolly (body and column) is approx. 90 kg . 45 kg per person.

For larger distances a  transport cart is available.


Take advantage of the variety of products and accessories for the Classic Plus.

Our accessories for Panther dollies don’t ends with platforms. A variety of products and accessories can be used to correspond exactly to the requirements on the set.


The Panther  Vario Jib S  or the  Vario Jib  allows you to supplement your Classic Plus with a few functions. Telescopic arms on both sides make the Vario Jib a universal piece of equipment for many shots.


The Panther  Super Jib II  is the most advanced expansion stage of the Classic Plus. The jib arm  extends the height of the dolly enormous . Two persons (e. g. cameraman + assistant) can sit on the Super Jib II.


The U-Bangi-Slider is the only one, which  forms a unit together with the dolly . Whether as a slider or a low rig, it can be perfectly integrated to guarantee the best possible shots.