Rocker Plate


The Rocker Plate (302675) is an easy and very flexible Low Shot System. You can do great camera movements (pan and tilt) close to the ground and lock your camera position.

A clean design, great handling and a hardened finished surface (Hart-Coat ©) make this tool to something unique.


With the Rocker Plate you are completely free in positioning the camera angle due to an inclination area of 90°.


Combined with the Flex Grip Kit

As a base for the Rocker Plate we used our proven Flex Grip Kit modular system. Thus, a variety of possibilities are given which can be implemented quickly, easily and economically.

Whether a small base with 3 legs and the new Leveling Spikes (302809), a tracking usage or a doorway dolly usage, all this can be done in combination with the Rocker Plate.

The Flex Grip Kit Clamp can be rigged to tubes covering a wide variety of rigging situations

Used as a Table Dolly with
the Flex Grip Kit Inline Wheels

Turn into a Tracking Dolly with
Skateboard Wheels


Damp it. Lock it.

To enable this low camera position no Fluid Head is used, but to preserve a smooth camera movement the Rocker Plate is equipped with fluid damping and thus differs from third-party low shot systems.

The fluid intensity for pan and tilt can be adjusted by a friction lever.

You can rotate the Rocker Plate with a mounted camera about 360° without displacement.

Locking is done by a brake.

Precise ball-bearings allow a stable braking system to engage without moving the camera.


Maximum compatibility enables perfect operation

You can do great low shots on your dollys' low rig by mounting an Euroadapter (122209) on the bottom of your Flex Grip Kit Base Plate.