Make the impossible possible.


Some things change with time. Some more, others less.
And some in such a manner that time and standards are changing, too.
Discover the fascination of progress in a dolly with a great future.

The Panther S-Type Dolly combines the advantages of different dolly concepts: the scissors-arm and the center-column. Additionally with regard to functionality and performance – the S-Type Dolly beats both systems:

Durable drive unit
Scissors-Arm with 100% linear motion
Precision gear with 4 steering modes


Proven over decades.


The S-Type Dolly is powered by an electro-mechanical drive system and is thus the world‘s first of its kind.
This has many advantages in contrast to other products which exclusively work with hydraulic such for example no dripping oil, no pumps, many movements without charging, programming and limit functions and much more.



New designed Slide-In Batteries.


In order to realize a compact and lightweight dolly design, we developed new Slide-In batteries (302577) for the S-Type. These are quickly and easily pushed into the side of the dolly and flow smoothly into it. A carrying handle facilitates handling and transport.





H-Pneumatic Wheel 
H-Studio Wheel hard 
H-Studio Wheel soft 

We have reinvented and improved the Combi-Wheels. In addition to a new design, the brake has been revised, so now when you use the „BRAKE lever“ it will brake the studio- or air wheels simultaneously with the track wheels.



Detachable, 100% linear and maximum stability.


During the development of the arm our engineers gave everything! The S-Type scissors-arm makes a 100% linear movement. Low energy expenditure and maximum stability are ensured by the compact double-arm design.


Weight distribution 
Arm = 40% | Dolly = 60%


To simplify the transport massively, the scissors-arm element of the Panther S-Type is detachable. It can be quickly and easily separated 100% from the body. Extra developed carrying bars (310120) enable an easy removal.



The slim design of the S-Type makes space-saving transport easy to realize. Therefore you can transport the dolly if your space is limited – even upside down.
The integrated carrying handles can be extended by the Carrying Grips (302783).



Make the impossible possible.


In order to use the full length of the scissors-arm, we developed the patented fullrange technology. This allows the scissors-arm to move the same way up as down into the negative. An additional high-low rig is no longer needed.

lift-range: 73 cm /28,7”
lift-range: 103 cm /40,6”
lift-range: 146 cm / 57,5” 
(If Dolly is raised on e. g. rostrums)


New Wireless Handset for a great user experience..


A new Wireless Handset (302788) is included in the standard package of the S-Type dolly. You can use it wireless and via cable. Charging is also done via cable usage. Get in touch with a great new user experience and discover important information and functions for the dolly:

Arm Level (Zero, Low or Super-Low)
height control in %
battery check of dolly and handset
charging via handset cable connection to the dolly
fine adjustable speed control
Limit aund Program

100% waterproof design up to 0,5 m / 20”

parking position for Wireless Handset right in front of the dolly operator

many information and operation possibilities for example: speed adjustment, arm level, programming, set limits etc.



Easy to use in every situation.


To give maximum flexibility to the operator, the Panther S-Type is equipped with 4 different steering modes: 
The wheels of the S-Type are arranged square. This has the advantage that the dolly can be moved both lengthwise and crosswise to the track – without using other wheels or accessories.




New designed Flip-Flop Platforms.


We also did our best for the platform design! You only need one single set (consisting of 3 parts) for the whole dolly. Whether high or low platform: the S-Type flipflop platforms (302583) cover every position and remain extremely stable.







S-Type with side platform left or/and right

S-Type with front platform and side platform left or/and right

S-Type with front platform

S-Type with all mounted platforms



More flexibility for the cameraman.



In addition, there is a adjustable high platform (310810) available. It allows the cameraman to stand on a higher level.



More flexibility for the grip.


In order to facilitate the work of the dolly grip, we have developed an additional push bar (310342). It is extendable and foldable and can be plugged in and used around the dolly.



The goal was to make it perfect.


You only need one integrated tool to operate the whole dolly

Detachable steering rod


Integrated carrying handle

Carrying Grip (302783) extentions for carrying handles available

Easy way to transport the S-Type Dolly


Center Mount (302359): to be combined with Cranes, Jibs, Mitchell Mounts and other accessories. (By the way: works also great with other dollies)

Center Plate (310789) to be used as platform dolly.



Let‘s talk about facts..


Length 96,5 cm / 38”
Width 64,5 cm / 25,4”
Height 39,5 cm / 15,55” (front) | 48 cm / 18,9” (rear)
Center Distance 37 cm / 14,6”
Lift range (Zero-Mode) 73 cm / 28,7”
Lift range (Low-Mode) 103 cm / 40,6”
Lift range (Super Low-Mode) 146 cm / 57,5”
Transport weight (dolly without wheels) 104 kg / 229 lbs
Transport weight (Scissors-Arm) 64 kg / 141 lbs
Track Width 62 cm (wide) | 48 cm (narrow)
Ground Clearance 21cm / 8,3”
Payload (Dolly) 800 kg | 1764 lbs
Payload (Scisscors-Arm) 100 kg | 220 lbs
Battery 2 x 24V