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Great if your space is limited

The Panther Wall Spreader (138966) is a telescopic spanning system which is able to withstand heavy loads.

It’s a perfect tool on sets where lighting stands are not allowed or not possible and can be set up very fast, easy - without damaging the walls.

So Easy

By spanning the Wall Spreader between two solid walls, the telescopic poles form an arch. This arch points upwards (similar to a bridge), allowing it to take considerable loads, e.g. lighting fixtures.

So, if your space on set is limited (for example stairwell), you can bring your lighting equipment exactly to the position you prefer.


For all requirements

Included in the set are 3 different lengths of Telescopic Poles (two of each) – further lengths on request.
The Wall Spreader supports lengths up to 10 m / 33 ft. (with Extension Tube – 138953).

138963 Telescopic Pole 3,15 – 6 m / 10,4 ft. – 19,8 ft.
138960 Telescopic Pole 2,15 – 4 m / 7,1 ft. – 13,1 ft.
138930 Telescopic Pole 1,4 – 2,5 m / 4,7 ft. – 8,2 ft.

Various Wall Spreader set ups can be achieved – for example:

Your rigging creativity

Your creativity has no limit. Combine Telescopic Tubes the way you need it by using Double Clamping Rings (138940).


So easy and so powerful


Combine it with accessories

The Clamping Ring with Euroadapter (139045) opens a multitude of possibilities to mount standard accessories such as 80 mm tubes, Double Brackets, etc.


Smart - also in the smallest detail

Can be extended to a max. length of 10 m / 33 ft. by connecting two Telescopic Poles with the
Extention Tube (138953). 

To span crosswise mounted Telescopic Poles without damaging walls there are
Buffers (138927) included.

The Wall Spreader Tightening Element (138949)
is designed to spread between walls without damaging it.


Everything is protected

For safe transport

To protect all Wall Spreader parts
we designed

a Bag for all Telescopic Poles


a Case for all other parts.