Precision Mono Track

Track without sleepers

The Panther Precision Mono Track has a great new design. A "triangle profile" provides a stable base and allows the track to be used without sleepers for fast adjustment.

The Precision Mono Track is offered in a wide variety of lengths up to 5.5 m / 18 ft. for maximum flexibility.

If required, you  can still use different sleepers.


  • up to 5.5 m / 18 ft. length for quick and fast track leveling
  • can be used without track sleepers – optional various track sleepers are available
  • compatible to Precision Leveling Track and telescopic tubes
  • compact transport
  • very stable due to precise aluminium profile
  • stainless steel cover


Perfect design meets maximum flexibility

Precision Mono Track 0.5 m / 1.5 ft. (302381)
Precision Mono Track 1 m / 3.25 ft. (302382)
Precision Mono Track 1.5 m / 5 ft. (302383)
Precision Mono Track 2 m / 6.5 ft. (302384)
Precision Mono Track 3 m / 10 ft. (302385)
Precision Mono Track 4 m / 13 ft. (302386)
Precision Mono Track 5.5 m / 18 ft. (302388)


Change the track gauge within seconds

The triangular profile and sleeperless design allow this track to be easily stacked for transport or to save space for storage.


An integrated “eccentric lock” mechanism ensures perfect transitions between the tracks.

A variety of sleepers are available to offer precise track spacing and the option to use telescopic tubes for fast leveling.





Sleeper for PLT + Variable Starter Track


Sleeper for Telescopic Tubes


Sleeper 48mm tube adapter


Sleeper "Low Profile" extremely flat design



A perfect system – compatible to Precision Leveling Tracks

The Precision Mono Tracks are compatible to the worldwide known Precision Leveling Tracks. The Telescopic Tubes can be used for fast track leveling. The Starter Track for PLT + PMT offers an easy way to bring the dolly on the tracks.