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This makes the VacuRigg system unique:

  • Automatically pump system with batteries

  • Various vacuum pads available for versatile mounting

  • Extremely stable

  • Payload up to 100 kg / 220 lbs

  • Compatible to standard accessories

Anywhere and anytime

The VacuRigg System is ideal for mounting cameras, lights or other accesories on all smooth surfaces like windows, cars, walls etc. Everytime – everywhere!

Depending on how the VacuRigg is used, the three suction pads can carry a maximum payload of up to 100 kg / 220 lbs. The Mounting plate is designed in such a way that it can accept the camera directly or mounted with a wedge/tilt plate (180066) with 3/8" screws. Assembly is completely done within seconds.

The special feature of the VacuRigg is the electrical pump system which keeps a constant vacuum automatically with integrated batteries. Long lasting support is guaranteed.

The small case with that integrated Pump System can be easily transported and stored inside of the car during the shooting.

The pump system can be connected to a socket and also directly to a car. Both necessary cables are included in the standard kit.


Perfect for shooting on the car

With the Standard Kit (180054) you can make shots, which are on a car. Whether frontally on the hood, or on side with camera directed to the driver or the car itself – the Standard Kit covers these applications completely.

1x Camera Suction Plate CS3 (180061)
2x Extention Tube 10cm (300688)
1x Air Hose (3m) (180077)
1x Vacuum Pump System with 220V and 12V Car Charging Cable (180065)
1x Wedge- / Tilt plate (180066)
1x Tension Belt / Hook Kit (180076)
1x Panther Universal Cleaner (204799)


Perfect for shooting offset of the car

If you want to position your camera offset and outside the car body, then the Extension Kit (180056L) is the perfect solution. With the in the package included tubes (Ø 33mm), the rotating clamp and the camera mount, the camera can be positioned perfectly external the vehicle. Whether bowl (75mm – 150mm) or Mitchell – the VacuRigg is compatible with the complete standard accessories.

2x Rigg Suction Plate RS2 (180064)
1x Camera Mount (180073)
2x Clamp Rotating (33-48) (180075)
1x 50 cm / 19,7" Tube (Ø 33mm)
1x 80 cm / 31,5" Tube (Ø 33mm)
1x 140 cm / 55,1" Tube (Ø 33mm)

Endless Possibilities

The many ways of mounting the VacuRigg, allow maximum flexibility. You are able to react to the relevant requirements and always offer a suitable solution. The Extension Kit, with suction cups and the tube system extends these possibilities a lot. Now the creative rigging knows no limit!


For all requirements

Three Suction Plates available

A total of 3 different Rigg Suction Plates are available.
Depending on the application or load you can use the various plates. All 3 plates are compatible with the 33 mm tubes contained in the Extension Kit Light.

Camera Suction Plate CS3
(1x included in the Standard Kit)
3 Suction Cups

Rigg Suction Plate RS2
(2x included in Extension Kit)
2 Suction Cups

Rigg Suction Plate RS3
(sold separately)
3 Suction Cups

Feel the Freedom

To cover all requirements on set, we designed various suction cups. So the VacuRigg can be rigged and used perfectly on narrow or small surfaces. The basic length of the suction cup-tubes can be expanded by a suitable extension. This allows even more flexible rigging and aligning of the suction plates due to the integrated swivel joints.

Suction Cup 50/80
Ø 50mm
height suction cup-tube:
80mm (expandable)

Suction Cup 80/80-HD
Ø 80mm
height suction cup-tube:
80mm (expandable)

Suction Cup (oval) 140/80-HD
length: 140mm / width: 70mm
height suction cup-tube:
80mm (expandable)

Suction Cup 125/80-HD
Ø 125mm
height suction cup-tube:
80mm (expandable)


Protect your equipment

Be safe

To protect your equipment, we recommend to use the Tension Belt and Hooks (180076) which are included in the Standard Kit. In order to avoid scratches or other damages on a car, the hooks are rubberized.

If more Tension Belt and Hooks are needed you can order as much as you need separately.


To make it perfect

Rotating Clamp

With the 90° Rotating Clamp (180075) the creative rigging is limitless. It can be adjusted at diameters between 33mm and 48mm in order to take different tube sizes.

Camera Mount

To mount the camera at the tubes a suitable camera mount (180073) is included in the Extension Kit Light.

Like the rotating clamp, it can be adjusted and fixed at diameters between 33 mm and 48 mm.

The camera mount is the perfect tool to rig your camera outside the car body and can be fitted with a bowl (75 mm-150 mm) or Mitchell (sold separately).

Bowl Adapter

To get your camera 100% leveled there is a Bowl Adapter (171147) with integrated leveling bubble available.


The integrated swivel joints basically allow a flexibility in attaching the suction cups to the surface.

In order to change the mounting angle complete, the Hinge (200391) serves as an extension to the suction plate and allows you to mount the suction cup even around the corner.

Universal Cleaner

Panther provides with every Standard Kit a Universal Cleaner + cleaning cloth (204799). This allows you to clean dirty and unclean surfaces for better adhesion of the suction cups. The suctions cups itself can be cleaned with Universal Cleaner too.


Bring it safe to your location

Various cases available

Cases are available for the Standard Kit (180058) and the Extention Kit (180059L).

The cases are equipped with carrying handles and rollers. Therefore the VacuRigg can be easily transported over longer distances.