Panther Tower - Powered Movements



Dynamic Driving Shots

The Panther Tower provides new ideas and unprecedented shooting for a cost-effective price.

With electrically powered movements and remote control, the Tower is perfect for dynamic driving shots with a remote head, such as the Maximus 7 (available from Panther).

It can be mounted and applied to any vehicle both vertically and horizontally.


Let's do it vertically


The lightweight and slim design ensures

a good view for the driver.

Following versions of the Tower are available:

  • Tower 1.4 m / 4.5 ft. (310820)
  • Tower 2.0 m / 6.6 ft. (310250)
  • Tower 3.0 m / 10 ft. (310821)
  • Tower High Speed 1.4 m / 4.5 ft. (311457)
  • Tower High Speed 2.0 m / 6.6 ft. (311455)
  • Tower High Speed 3.0 m / 10 ft. (311456)


The Tower is operated either by the Standard Hand Controller (177648)

or a waterproof Wireless Handset (302788).

Works great with heavy setups

The Tower is designed to be able to move a lot of load.  As a result, it reaches a maximum payload of up to 80 kg / 176 lbs in the standard version and 30 kg / 66 lbs in the High Speed Version.

So don’t worry about set ups with Shock Absorbers + stabilized Remote Head + Camera + Lens + accessories.


Don’t worry about electricity

The Tower is powered by a specially developed Power Case (2x 24V - 310289).

Store the case inside your car

Set Limits and Program

Remote Control (wired or wireless)


Be flexible in every situation

Get the most out of your Tower

The Tower can be combined with a huge range of accessories like a Mini or Maxi Shock Absorber
with ISO Dampener for maximum horizontal
and vertical smoothness.

All standard camera mounts are supported as well:

Mini Shock Absorber Pro

Maxi Shock Absorber

ISO Dampener

Tube Flange


Mitchell Adapter

Mitchell Mount


Transform your Doorway / Platform dolly

Tower meets Twister

It's not only made for car rigging situations. You can also use the Tower mounted on a Doorway / Platform Dolly (such as our Twister) which transforms it into a dolly with electrically powered, vertical camera movement.


Various cases available

We have custom made cases
for all Tower lengths available.