Flex Grip Kit Slider


Great Skateboard Wheels for smooth movements

Normally, sliders are limited by the length of their rail.
Not with the Flex Grip Kit! You decide the length with a rail system that can be extended based on your needs.
It can also be combined with curved rails.

A high grade aluminium tube weighs only 1.9 kg / 4 lbs and has a length of 1.5 m / 4.9 ft. Special lengths available on request.
The Flex Grip Kit slider can be operated on 36 cm or 62 cm gauge.

Skateboard Wheels

Smooth and silent sliding is guaranteed by using high quality bearings, and an offset positioning of the rubber counted Skateboard Wheels (204793).

Leveling is easy by means of leveling feet if layed down the floor or by simply adjusting the height of the stand if mounted on a higher level.

Base Plate with 4x Leg
(track gauge 36 cm / 14.2")

Base Plate with 8x Leg
(track gauge 62 cm / 24.4")

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Flex Grip Kit modular system